This Judgey Baby is Sick of Everyone and I Love Her

Y’all know I have a soft spot for judgey babies. They haven’t even been here very long but they KNOW something ain’t right. They want us to get it together and they will let us know about it. So, coming across my timeline all of last week was this baby …

Whose is this?

Whose Wise Baby is This? (And Foolery From My Readers)

I think babies are cute by default because they’re so little and small things lean towards cute. And some babies are born cute AND looking like they’ve been here before. You’ve seen those mini humans. They just look like they hold a wisdom of the years and these are the …


The “Worry Bout Yourself” Baby is Awesome

This video has been going around Facebook and when I watched it, I straight up CACKLED! Her name is August and she wasn’t trying to get ANY help to buckle her seat belt. She wanted to do it all by herself. Her little finger pointing at her daddy! “Can I …