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The 20 Greatest TV Show Theme Songs of All Time

I miss the times when TV show theme songs were big. Back when the opening credits was about laying the groundwork, giving you some context or just telling you the background story. We spent the first 1.5 minutes of each show just jamming, singing along and getting ready for our …

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Another Golden Girl is Gone to Glory. Here’s to you, Rue McClanahan!

I woke up yesterday to find out (via Twitter) that Rue McClanahan had died. I bust out an EPIC *WALL SLIDE* all up through there! Not Blanche!!! Not now! I loved Blanche. She was the Matron Saint of Classy Geriatric HoSh*t. No one wore a floral negligee like Blanche. And her love of her bosoms was admirable. She was conceited and she KNEW she had a reason. Plus the super country accent? *hollers* BLANCHE!!! Rue McClanahan was super talented and this is a huge loss. Thank you for being a friend, Rue.

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5 Old TV Shows That Rocked My Socks

In my decrepitness, I got to watch some old TV, and lawd I ain’t know I missed it so. LAWD did I reminisce. I loved many old shows but these were the ones I watched these past coupla days being home. Stroll down memory lane with me. Golden Girls Picture …