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Facebook is Gonna Label Onion Links as Satire Because Everyone is Slow Now

Facebook is experimenting¬†with a new feature that will tag posts from The Onion as “Satire” when they show up in newsfeeds. Some people are outraged and wondering why they’d do such a thing. I’m here to let you know why: because everyone is slow now. Everyone. It crosses class, gender …

Wendy's Tattoo
Whose is this?

Whose Wendy’s Tattoo is This?

So I saw this pic and was like O_O This is why some people can’t have nice things. Unless you consider obesity and the diabeetus nice. One day, you decide that you want to get a permanent mark on your body. You don’t go with the usual cheesy stuff like …

Slave Earrings Vogue Italia

Dear Vogue Italia, Slave Earrings? Here’s TWO Seats to Have

So sometimes, stuff is published on major outlets that is just sooo jarring and stupid that I am just convinced it was a mistake. Or written for The Onion. This is one of them. Vogue Italia published an article on their site featuring hoop earrings. And instead of calling them …