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Viacom and DirecTV Beef and Shade Each Other on Twitter

The other day, I wrote “5 Things I’m Not Here For” and one of those is the beef that Viacom and DirecTV are having. DirecTV dropped all of Viacom’s channels before midnight on Monday, because they haven’t renegotiated their contract. Apparently, the two companies can’t agree on terms so DirecTV …

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KimYe, the Heat, Occupy Wall Street, Ocean Stans, Viacom: 5 Things I’m Not Here For

The homie SteenFox posted 5 Things I’m Not Here For on her Tumblr the other day and challenged folks to blog about 5 things they are not here for. So below are mine. * Viacom and DirecTV’s beef – When I was watching “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” on Monday, …