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My peoples! I’m excited to bring you this week’s conversation on Rants and Randomness!

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In this episode, my feel-good is about how I’m doing a massive purge of my life, ranting about why people need to respect Serena Williams, and spotlighting Black Girls Rock. My guest is the incredible host, author, just dope person, Darnell L. Moore.

Feel Good

This week, I’m feeling good about purging my closet, my office, my house. I ended up looking at my office, just looking around everywhere, there’s junk everywhere.

Now, here’s the thing, because I’m an influencer and because I’m a writer, I get a lot of free things sent to me, which I love. But it all piles up because I’m not using all of it, and I look up months later and realize there are entire rooms in my house that are full of junk. So this Sunday, I decided to just spend the entire day creating piles of what I’m donating, what is no longer good that I need to throw out, what I need to give away to friends and family, what I need to post on eBay or whatever. I literally dedicated the entire day to this pursuit and I’m feeling so much better! Highly recommend!

My Rant

Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of all time. She’s also one of the most disrespected athletes of all time. She’s been playing tennis for over 20 years as a professional, and she’s proven why she deserves to be called one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Now, what comes with this, because Serena is a Black woman is that people do not want to give her the credit that she deserves and people will constantly try to act like she did not earn her way to where she is. Like it’s the intersection of racism and sexism is what she’s enduring in tennis and just in general, how she’s talked about in the media, how the tennis association deals with her. I’m hoping that one day we get to the point where Black women do not constantly have to not just be good at our jobs, but then we also have to babysit people’s egos because they feel bad when they lose to us. Serena’s going to always win, even when she doesn’t win on the court.

My Randomness

My spotlight this week is Black Girls Rock. Black Girls Rock was created by Beverly Bond in 2006 to celebrate Black women who are trailblazers, changemakers, or dynamos in their respective fields. It really shows the importance of creating spaces to celebrate Black women, because there are so many spaces that won’t and don’t and so many spaces that tell us that we don’t deserve to be celebrated, which is why Black Girls Rock is really important. The mission of the actual organization is to change the world by empowering Black girls to lead, innovate and serve, and Black Girls Rock Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has been committed to enriching girls through leadership, education, and positive identity development.

My Guest: Darnell Moore

Darnell Moore is head of strategy and programs for Breakthrough TV. He is former editor-at-large at CASSIUS, Urban One, a communist that logotv.com, newnext.com, and he contributed to Mic, where he hosted their widely viewed digital series, The Movement. He also writes regularly for Ebony, Advocate, and VICE Guardian.

Darnell was one of the original Black Lives Matter organizers organizing bus trips from New York to Ferguson after the murder of Michael Brown. Moore is a writer in residence at the Center of African American Religion, Sexual Politics, and Social Justice at Columbia University. He’s taught at NYU, Rutgers, Fordham, and he was trained at Princeton Theological Seminary. His first book, No Ashes in the Fire came out in May 2018.

In this episode, we are talking about practicing what you preach, intersectionality, and Black Lives Matter.

You can follow Darnell on Instagram at @mooredarnell. As always, much love to the Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode!

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