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Listen to Ratchet and the Geek Episode 12: All White

Scott Hanselman and I have dropped the latest episode of our Ratchet and the Geek. In case you don’t know about it, it’s our podcast where we cover all things TV, pop culture, social media, gadgets and technology in general.

Ratchet and the Geek podcast

This episode is titled All White for many reasons. Scott took a genome test and found out he’s .2% Black. Also, next week we’re presenting at Blogging While Brown Conference, and there’s an all white party the evening before. Shansel doesn’t have any white clothes so he needs to go shopping.

We also cover the fact that Scott was invited to get Google Glass, Twitter’s 2-step authentication and our Scandal withdrawal.

Getchu a piece and take a listen:

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Who’s Ratchet and who’s the Geek?

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  1. Nique
    June 17, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    So what does that mean for the Terminator timeline?
    I’ll have to subscribe to these podcasts just because of that line!
    This is the first one I’ve listened to. In all honesty, I read all of your blog posts, but I can’t really listen to anything straight for 40 mins. I start walking around my apt dusting off nothing and rearranging the wall art singing old Prince songs. No joke.
    But now I’m hooked on these podcasts. Thank ya ma’am!

  2. Adaobi
    July 3, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    I’m so last week on this. I did not know you had this podcast. You have to say hello to Scott for me. We worked together on Professional ASP.NET 3.5: In C# and VB together way back when.