Invisiwig Brows

Invisiwig Brows. NO MA’AM!

I was minding my own business when my girl @KindredSmile ambushed my gchats talmbout “Lacefront Eyebrows.” I told her to go away, but she didn’t listen. This fool sent me a link to: INVISIWIG EYEBROWS! LAWDDDDDD!!! So folks ain’t e’em going the old-fashioned 2001 route of using rogaine on their brows …

FashionWhose is this?

Whose Dumb Idea Is This? Kohl’s Failed!

Ladies and gentlefools. You know when I post back to back in a day, I mean business. Well I had to post about this as it came across my gchat. Afrobella sent me this link and I went AWF!!! Like cussing tourette’s. A “Ghetto Fab Wig?” You have GOT to …