Because A Dildo With Your Bae’s Ashes is Now a Thing

I don’t understand humanity sometimes, and of course we’re heading for doom. Stephen Hawking said so and now I’m sure of it. I read an article yesterday about a dildo you can order, with your loved one’s ashes inside. Don’t let something like death preclude your boo from having a …

Preach Pennsatucky

Petty Prayers You Might Need One Day

There are times when people make you so mad that you just want to wish bad things on them. But not really bad things like cancer because that would be evil and your name is not Voldemort. I’m talking about the petty things that will grind their gears and annoy …

Baby hair righteous
FashionWhose is this?

Whose Model is this with the Extreme Baby Hair?

I never thought I could find baby hair so extreme and righteous that it’d trump Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas’ decades-long affair with forehead coiffure calligraphy. Who knew that someone could come through and swiftly out-babyhair the Royal Queen of Baby Hair? And it was done by a melanin-deficient brethren who ripped …