Jean Claude Van Damme Split
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Jean Claude Van DAMME He Did That!

Have y’all seen the sickest ad that has come out in recent history? If you haven’t, then you need to. Jean Claude Van Damme, original action movie goon collaborated with Volvo for a commercial about their new trucks with power steering. And he basically told us that we all need …

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Facebook Ad FAIL

Facebook is feeling like the older brother who still wants to practice his guitar and go on tour with his garage band, except he’s 45 and balding. I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean but go with me here. It’s just been hella obnoxious to me lately, with …

McDonald's Ad Parody

This McDonald’s Ad Parody is Hilarity!

Ok so y’all know how McDonald’s always has Black folks shucking and jiving in their commercials? Yeah… you know. Like the only way they know how to market to us colored folks is to include someone singing while eating one of their kill you slowly foods. Because you know we …