I’m Luvvie Ajayi Jones, and I’m obsessed with skincare. But check it out, though. It’s because I wanna be able to walk out the house, doing minimal things and still look semi-decent. I don’t wanna have to wear foundation every day and I don’t wanna look like what I’ve been through. Soooo

Skincare Essentials - Luvvie

My face, with no foundation. I’m wearing lipstick and eyeliner only

I have dry skin, live in Chicago and I don’t like to wear makeup every day so I need my skin to look good without all the extras. And folks frequently give me props on my skin (thank you!) Since I get asked what I use, lemme tell you my skincare faves!

These are items I use to get clean, glowy skin. In case you’re wondering, most days take me less than 5 minutes from start to finish for my face. When it takes me longer is if I’m doing a strong exfoliant or a face mask. Otherwise, in and out.

Routine order (what’s in BOLD are the steps I do daily. The others are either as needed or once a week):

Cleanser | Exfoliant | Mask | Toner | Serum | Eye Cream | Moisturizer | Face Oil | Sunscreen

My daily routine

Cleanse: I wash my face for at least 30 seconds with my cleanser of choice. If my skin is feeling really dry, I pick a gentle cleanser so it doesn’t strip it of any extra oils.

  • Optional: if I’m wearing makeup, I cleanse first with a makeup removing balm. My fave: the Farmacy

Tone/gentle exfoliate: After cleansing and towel drying my face, I put toner on a cotton pad and wipe upwards on my face. Often, I’ll find extra dirt coming off on the pad. Win. Sometimes, my toner is a mild exfoliant (like the Paula’s Choice one).

Serum: Then I put my serum of choice. Usually, a vitamin C serum, because it provides INSTANT glow. If my face is feeling dry (or it’s winter), I also will add a hyaluronic acid serum on top for extra hydration.

Moisturize: With serum on, then I put on my moisturizer. Again, it all depends on weather and my skin at the moment. For winter time, I usually use heavier moisturizers and creams. NO ASH OVER HERE.

Sunscreen: This goes on last. Because humans have killed the ozone, you need sunscreen to top it all off, even if you have melanin. Black don’t crack is a myth, because sun damage can definitely cause it to. My sunscreens of choice don’t leave that dreaded white cast. They go on clear.

My daily routine takes me no more than a couple of minutes to do.

Once a week (self-care day)

Exfoliate (strong): I do this after I cleanse, and before any serums. Gets dead skin off, so new skin that’s chilling underneath can come through. This is usually a mask that stays on my face for 15-20 minutes. When I rinse it off, my skin feels soft and renewed.

Hydrating mask: Again, I have dry skin. It doesn’t hurt to put on a mask that infuses extra hydration into it.

So now you know my routine, below are my TRIED AND TRUE products. They are my favorites. No, you don’t need to buy and own them all. Start by picking the choices you think most applies to you under each category.

My Favorite Skincare Products


Clean skin is the base of good skin. You can do it without stripping your skin of all its oils, doe.


Exfoliating your skin gets dead skin cells off, allowing your products to penetrate deeper, and for your skin to be brighter.

Face Masks (wash off)

These are once a week treatments to give your face the boost it might need.

Bolden Clean Skin Clay Mask: [$16.99] This mask is the truth and once a week after cleanser is the perfect regimen! It’s a good way to pull impurities out your skin, so your pores are clean.

The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Mask: [$28.00] Nothing like honey and olive oil together to replenish, restore and hydrate the skin! And it feels so good on.

Sometimes, I double mask. Meaning, I do the exfoliation (Drunk Elephant Babyfacial) and then I do the hydration (Body Shop Honey Mask).


Toners balance the pH level in your skin and essences target your problem areas. A lot of people don’t use either and that’s okay. If there’s a step I skip in my routine more often than others, it’s this one.


Serums are concentrated and penetrate deeper in your skin. They help your other products work better and do their own magic. They’re great for targeting the problem your skin has, and you put them under moisturizers. Vitamin C serums brighten your skin and give glow. Hyaluronic acid intensely hydrate your skin. Retin-a serums address fine lines and wrinkles. Although, so do the other two, on a lower level.

Eye Creams

This hydrates the skin under your eyes, since it’s more fragile and much thinner than the rest of the skin on your face.


The ESSENTIAL. Everyone needs to use a good moisturizer. No ash face!

Face Oils

These seal in moisture! And they do provide some glow. If there’s a step you want to skip, this can be it. Bit for me, I love putting oil on top of my skin when done with it all.


Because it doesn’t matter whether you have melanin or not. YOU NEED TO USE SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY. A lot of our skin problems are due to overexposure to the sun, and this lets you address that.

Night Routine Products

Experts say our skin heals and rejuvenates the most at night. Having a nighttime routine also makes sure you don’t go to bed with the day’s gunk on your face.

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