I’m on a mission to normalize spending A LOT of money with Black-owned businesses this holiday season and beyond. I’m forever committed to utilizing my platform to showcase the amazing diversity within the Black-owned business sphere.

We have skincare, fashion, tech, jewelry, home décor, candles, and more. Black people are not a monolith, and our businesses reflect the same. Support Black/POC/women/small businesses the same way you support Target and Walmart. Let’s build up our local communities by investing our time, support, and money into these companies.

When we come together to support Black businesses, we cannot fail. 

My 2021 Black business favorites: 

SAPO BODY SPONGE | @SapoBodySponge – Skincare 

The African secret to soft, supple skin. Each Sapo has its own character in that no two of them are the same. The unique knotting technique gives the Sapo an unfinished look yet will not unravel. Considered perfectly imperfect, this nylon sponge that does not breed bacteria can be utilized for over a year. Make your skin the best first and last impression!

SHOP SAPO BODY SPONGE | Coupon code for 15% off: LUVVIE15


SHYN | @SHYNDaily – Oral Care 

ADA-approved, high-quality oral care products. Shyn is a customized subscription service for oral care — our products are shipped directly to you, priced affordably, and delivered regularly to make caring for your smile simple and convenient.

SHOP SHYN | Coupon code for 15% off: LUVVIE15


BROWN GIRL JANE  | @ItsBrownGirlJane – CBD/Wellness 

CBD-infused products that issue a dose of calm (without any high or intoxication) when things get hectic.

The WANDERLUST COLLECTION experience is an olfactive escape–capturing the unforgettable energy of some of our favorite cities – Lamu Kenya, Bahia Brazil, and Casablanca Morocco.

SHOP BROWN GIRL JANE | Coupon code for 15% off: LUVVIE15


BRUSH WITH THE BEST  | @BrushWithTheBest – Haircare 

Whether your hair is kinky, curly, wavy, or straight this detangler brush has been engineered to tame your tangles and smooth your coils, and cut detangling time in half!

SHOP BRUSH WITH THE BEST | Coupon code for 15% off: LUVVIE15


CHICAGO FRENCH PRESS | @ChicagoFrenchPress – Beverages

Gourmet 100% arabica specialty coffee made to order and fresh loose leaf teas blended by hand in The Windy City. 
SHOP CHICAGO FRENCH PRESS | Coupon code for 15% off: LUVVIE15


HUSTLE & HOPE  | @HustleAndHope – Greeting Cards 

Hustle & Hope is the first inspirational greeting card company to embed actionable digital guides, helping people level up in their career, mindset, and spirit. With each card purchase, simply grab a card, scan the QR code on the back, and unlock a free guide with tips ranging from resume help, to interview best practices, self-care, budgeting, and more.SHOP HUSTLE & HOPE | Coupon code for 15% off: LUVVIE15

KISSED BY A BEE  | @KBYAB – Skincare

Modern herbalist apothecary offering various skincare, haircare, and healing products handmade in Spring, Texas.  

SHOP KISSED BY A BEE  | Coupon code for 15% off: LUVVIE15



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I’m sending you all the peace, love, and joy this holiday season! 

*These companies are vetted and fully capable of handling your customer service inquiries. Many of them are solopreneurs or function with small teams, so they’ll need patience from you while they work to get your orders.