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Ratchet and the Geek Podcast: Episode 14 (Banana Stand)

Wells, Scott Hanselman and I are back with our latest episode of our Ratchet and the Geek podcast! Episode 14 is called “Banana Stand” because I’m finally all caught up with Arrested Development, and those who watch it will understand. We recap our trip to New York for Blogging While …

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My Advice About Dinosaur Love and the Weirdest Facebook Post Ever

I get some strange messages via email or on Facebook sometimes and most just get a side-eye. But yesterday, someone dropped THE WEIRDEST message I’ve ever got on my Facebook fan page wall. And it’s either I’m being trolled (most likely) or people are truly stranger that I could ever …

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Kerry Washington Got Married and is Now My Cousin

Imagine my surprise when I found out this afternoon that Kerry Washington, aka Olivia Pope got married on June 24th! YESSSS! Miss Kerry (baby) is a wedded woman, and she tied the knot to football player Nnamdi Asomugha, according to E! Online. You know I don’t watch football but that …

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I’m Digging Nicki Minaj Lately and It’s Not For Her Music

Y’all know Nicki Minaj’s music tapdances on my last nerves and she dresses like a highlighter factory blew up. But she’s the most popular female rapper out there so she’s everywhere and I just have to deal. And avoid listening to her tunes. Or staring at her pictures for too …

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Kirk’s Cabin Getaway, Joseline’s Demand and Scrappy’s Walk of Shame: LHHATL Episode 11 Recap

I know I’m a delinquent with my Love and Hip Hop ATL recaps this season but bear with fickle G. Anywho, last night’s episode was full of side-eye as we really got to see how Ain’t Shit Kirk was. Him and those damb denim vests. Let’s just get into it. …

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When He Said Goodbye, It WAS For Long: Remembering Luther Vandross

Today is the 8th anniversary of Luther Vandross passing, and chile… he is STILL missed. That man’s vocal chords were clearly coated with Heaven’s ambrosia and dusted with angel St. Michael’s wings because it was amazing. Luther Vandross took old songs and when he sang them, folks forgot the originals. …

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The 2013 BET Awards Killed TURNUP and Charlie Wilson Brought the House Down

I never miss the BET Awards because even when it’s bad, the tweets make it afun to watch. But this year, it actually wasn’t that bad. And for BET, that means it was a good show.  I missed the first hour of the show so I’m gonna act like those …